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Our Mission

To improve the lives of people in need national and globally

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Zion World Wide Mission, Inc. is an international, non-profit, charitable organization created in Orlando, Florida, providing for underprivileged individuals in the domains of healthcare, education, agriculture, nutrition, and evangelism.

Zion has been very effective in providing relief assistance to communities and countries in need. Since it began, Zion has received over $1,640,634.80 worth of donations (Products, service and monetary) to support our clients’ needs in the areas of education, health, food, and other necessities for living a more effective life. We have accomplished these goals through one of our nation’s leanest periods of economic growth and sparse charitable giving. Against all the odds, Zion’s support efforts remain active in over 8 different countries: USA, Ivory Coast (Africa), Ecuador, Haiti, Thailand, India, Dominican Republic and France.

Zion World Wide Mission is able to stay active in so many different countries because of its international executive board. In the United States, there are board members in South Carolina and Florida.There are board members in France, the Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire), India, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Haiti, and Ecuador. Check out the list below for names and contact information.

Recent Update on Zion: (2016-2017)

Zion is committed to making a difference both at home and the countries they are present in abroad.  between 2016 and July 2017, Zion was able to donate $256, 634.80 worth of goods to both Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  Included in the goods sent were valuable commodities such as feminine hygiene products, health care and medicinal products, food, drinks, and clothing sent directly to the people who needed it most. The sick and needy that received Zion’s donations were all greatly appreciated.

Zion is also heavily present in the local communities where they operate.  In the past year alone, Zion has contributed to improving their community by donating $35, 914.63 worth of food, beverages, and clothing to the underprivileged individuals and families around them.


Rev. Delinx Meralus
Executive Director – South Carolina, USA
Dr. Ted Ridore
Board Consultant – Orlando FL
Dr. Jeff Petrozzino
Physician Adviser – Orlando FL
Rev. Cassandra Spencer
Chief Operation Officer – COO
Mrs. Yonita Miller
General Secretary



Mr. Christner Therier – Regional Director
110 rue Georges COUBARD
91800 Boussy saint Antoine

 Ivory Coast

Mr. Armel Kuame –  Regional Director
Abobo PK 18, Route d’Anyama
Face à la pharmacie Milie Hevie,
Terminus Bus 76 (Afrique)


Mr. Batakianathan – Regional Director
6/1/1, Harimohan Dutta Rd
Dumdum cant, Kolkata-700 028, WB, India

 Dominican Republic

Pastor. Rodriguez Durant – Regional Director 
Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana. Distrito Nacional
Avenida Paseo de los Reyes Catolicos, sector Arroyo Hondo,
Barrio Puerto Rico, cerca de la Planta Propagas casa # 20


Past. LIAN PU -Regional Director
4/6 (A) 1st Floor, San Sai (B), main Rd
Tachileik, Esten Shan State Myanmar.


Pastor GABRIEL PIERRE / Regional Director
Founder of Shiloh International Ministries


Rev. Jean David Larochelle – Regional Director
Carcelén.   Quito , Ecuador

Our Mission

Nationally – To provide vital social services to low and non-income people, regardless of their religion, social or economic background and to improve lives of individuals, families and the community.

Globally – To support the needy children and improve the condition of life of the most underprivileged people around the world in the domain of evangelism, health, education, nutrition, and agriculture.

Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved with Zion World Wide Mission, Inc. Help us out by donating, volunteering, sponsoring a child, or becoming a donor or partner.


Donations help build schools, clinics, feed orphans, support orphanages, training center, and support missionary overseas and more. Please give what you can. Donations are tax-deductible. Along with monetary donations, we have a wish list of specific items.


Zion World Wide Mission is looking for people of all qualities and skills to show their support to the needy children and underprivileged people around the globe. Our prayer is that all our volunteers will be willing to join our  7Cs club:


We need volunteers for clerical assistance, food pantry, community outreach, fund-raising, disaster relief, immigration family mentors, tutors and mentors for youth programs and so more. If you’re interested in volunteering, click the link for the volunteer form.

Sponsor a Child

The Zion Sponsorship Program helps children all around the world by providing food, healthcare, education, biblical teaching, and fun activities. There are two sponsorship plans: Simple Sponsorship and Sponsorship Plus.

Simple Sponsorship is $25 a month. Along with helping the child, your support helps local partners organize regular meetings for the parents and approach topics such as the importance of hygiene, the struggle against AIDS, advice on domestic relations, and more.

Sponsorship Plus is $35 a month. Along with helping the child, your support helps some of Zion’s projects. These projects are bound to the sponsorship and help improve the environment where the child is located. Examples of projects include the construction of latrines and a drinking system in the Dominican Republic and education for mothers in Indonesia to learn skills such as sewing and embroidery to increase the family’s income.

If you’re interested in sponsoring a child, click the link to fill out the sponsor form.

Become a Donor or Partner

There are multiple ways that you can partner with us and we will guide you through the process to make it as easy as possible. Here’s how it works:

  • We help you identify donation opportunities across your supply chain such as  customer returns,  vendor samples, vendor buybacks, etc.
  • You tell us what you would like to donate and what financial, operational, or social goals you would like to meet such as employee engagement, community relations, waste diversion, etc.
  •  Our Philanthropy Engineers develop a donation solution that achieves your financial, social, and environmental goals such as donation warehousing, transportation coordination, employee matching gifts, etc.

Use the contact form to get in touch with us if you’re interested in being a donor or partner.


Luke Crumbaker / Grant Writer

Mr. James (Jim) Besaw – Logistics Director

Richard Meralus – Intern/Youth in Action

Monica Gale – Video Editor

Qi Xiao – I.T. Specialist

Brittany Washington – Web Developer

Rudiard Meralus – Intern



Our local office provides low income individuals and families with jobs, food, clothes, and anything we are blessed to offer. We also have the following programs for youth, teens and single pregnant women:

Youth in Action

The mission is to train and educate the youth on the following key issues: adolescence (crisis period), sexuality and teenage pregnancy (prevention), drugs, juvenile delinquency, referral to detoxification centers and etc.

Teen in Action

Teen in Action is created specially for kids from the age of 4 to 12. The mission is to educate, motivate and establish a lasting bond of friendship within these children and teens surrounding themselves and the world in which they live.

Single Mother Mission

We provide counseling, baby kits (diapers, car seats, etc), help with applying for food stamps, medical care, job placement, and more for pregnant, single women.


Z-Universal Platform

The Z Universal Platform is a program that brings together leaders in around the world on one table and organize training on different aspects of life: health, education, science and technology, business administration and management, social and economic development, evangelism, and culture, etc.

Wish List

Medical supplies, computers, software, school supplies, medicines, cars, boats, real estates

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Donors & Partners

Other donors:

  • Sleep Inn
  • Fairfield Inn and Suites
  • Publix
  • DJR Global Business LLC

Other partners:

  • Presidential Prayer Team
  • Volunteer Match
  • Work Force Central Florida
  • Universal Giving
  • PRL.org
  • Nonprofit Recycling Network
  • Hands On Greenville
  • Feed the Children
  • Fashion Delivers
  • Kings Way Charity
  • International Aid
  • Interconnection
  • Great Nonprofits
  • International Relief Development
  • Guide Star


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