Donations help build schools, clinics, feed orphans, support orphanages, training center, and support missionary overseas and more. Please give what you can. Donations are tax-deductible.


GIVE CASH NOW: By writing a check payable to Zion World Wide Mission Inc.
Online via checking account draft (EFT) or by credit card

Direct your Donor Advised Funds to make a grant: Ask your trustee issue a check directly to Zion World Wide Mission Inc.

Pledge Funds: Make a pledge to donate over a period of One-to-two years. Other time period can be arranged. This cash can be done electronically and by check, we just want to accommodate whatever giving schedule is best for you.

Donate IN-kind Assets:  Consider transferring tittle of valuable asset that qualify to Zion’s. Please call our office to discuss this complex option further. Tel: 864-932-3165.

Assign Life Insurance to Zion World Wide Mission Inc. Name Zion as beneficiary of your life insurance and/ or your retirement plan account.

Know that many companies offer matching gift programs for their employee’s charitable donations. Please consult with your company’s benefits department for information about that opportunity.