Zion needs everyone’s help to stay as a community point of light, and to provide low and none-income individuals and families with:
Jobs Connect, food, clothes, and Hygiene Assistance.

Support for single pregnant women is set apart from general children and youth issues as we provide counseling, baby kits, diapers, car seats, clothing, school supplies, toys, and shoes, and assistance in applying for food stamps, Medicaid, and more.

Assisting the elderly with home repair, yard cleaning, transportation, etc.

As a USCIS Citizenship Corner, Zion also helps lawful permanent residents (LPRs) with the naturalization process to become U.S. citizens. Also, include study materials to help an LPR prepare for the naturalization interview and test.

Also, Zion is gathering resources to start providing mobile shower services to the homeless in our community.

General support to those affected by natural disasters on many levels and gets them back on their feet.

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Medical supplies, computers, software, school supplies, medicine,boats, real estates